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Albion Islington Square Business Improvement Area is a unique shopping district, showcasing a mix of retail shops, such as the highest concentration in Toronto of jewellers that specialize in 22 and 24 karat gold and diamond designer jewellery.

 It is a vibrant commercial strip on Albion Road and Islington Avenue. In a relatively short distance, one samples the great variety indicative of Toronto’s urban fabric: a wide range of clothing & textile shops, featuring traditional, casual and exquisite hand-embroidered apparel, neighborhood grocery stores.

The area  boasts of salons, skin care and laser centres, food specialty shops, medical services, pharmacies, lawyers, accountants, mortgage specialists, and travel agencies.

From Tandoor Oven to Wok to Skillet, Albion Islington Square offers a pick of restaurants from South Asia, the Caribbean and around the globe, all offering up sumptuous delicacies.

Location: This vibrant commercial area is located along Albion Road from Lund Avenue to west of John Grubb Court; north of Calstock Drive to Albion West Plaza and Islington Avenue north of Sandhill Drive to the Bell Canada building; north of Thistletown Multi Service Centre grounds to south of Wardlaw Crescent.

Albion Islington Square BIA

Albion Islington Square BIA

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Proud Members

Proud Members

Up Coming Events

Up Coming Events

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Award by Ontario Business
Improvement Area Association


Decorating Lighting Award
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2010 for Albion Islington

Square BIA by Ontario

Business Improvement

Area Association (OBBIA)

and Toronto Association

of Business Improvement


Who Are We

Albion Islington Square is the first and only Business Improvement Area (BIA) in North Etobicoke with a volunteer Board of Management comprised of well known and reputed business owners who steer the BIA’s course of action.

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Board of Directors

  • Deputy Mayor/Councillor Ward 1 Vincent Crisanti
  • Shamsher Singh- Chairman
  • Santokh Shah-Vice Chairman
  • Seema Sudhir-Secretary
  • Prakash Khatri-Treasurer
  • Ronnie Ramsawak-Board Member
  • Atul Subedi-Board Member
  • Avinash Sharma-Board Member
  • Martin Pesev- Board Member
  • Harpreet Brar-Board Member
  • Archna Bhardwaj-Executive Director

History of Thistletown

 The area of Thistletown, in the northwest end of Toronto, Ontario, was founded by John Grubb.

In 1831, he came to the area from Edinburgh, Scotland. Grubb’s family originated in St. Andrew’s, Scotland. In 1847, he acquired the south-west, north-west and north-east corners of the current Albion Road and Islington Avenue.

In October 1847 Grubb had John Stroughton Dennis survey the land for the establishment of a village to be called St. Andrew’s. After the plan was registered, Grubb began dividing the land into village lots and subsequently in a formal way founded the village now known as Thistletown.

For more information on the history of Thistletown, refer to Evelyn Boasie’s book, Thistletown Now and Then.

Photos of then...

Courtesy of Etobicoke Historical Society

For more photos and historical facts on Etobicoke visit www.etobicokehistorical.com


2016 Commercial Façade Improvement Area

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Clean Toronto Together returns this April - save the dates!

The Clean Toronto Together (CTT) campaign will once again bring together Toronto's residents, students, City staff, employees of businesses, organizations, and institutions to clean Toronto.

Events will be scheduled throughout Earth Week (April 22- 27). To get involved, please save the following dates:

Corporate & School Clean-up Day - Friday April 25
Community Clean-up Days - Saturday April 26 & Sunday April 27
The Clean Toronto Together program is sponsored by GLAD, CP24, NewsTalk 1010, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Toronto Park People and Earth Day Canada.

By working together we can keep Toronto clean and green!

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